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Tonight we have reached the 15th night of Ramadan. I can only ask myself- what have I done to gain the pleasure of Allah? Could I have done more?

But there is no time to waste on what could have and should have been done. Its time to get planning for a spiritual super charge!!

Its seems like unless Ramadan is spent doing something SUPER cool, nothing has then been achieved. But this Ramadan is about creating lasting habits for me! Small, consistant and effective!!

IDEAS that we can all enforce…

1) Morning Adhkar

2) Salatul Ishraq

3)Salatul Duha

4) Reciting Quran everyday (even if its ONE sentence)

5)Praying ON TIME

6) Evening Adhkar

7)Supplications after salah

8)Frequent charity (even if its ONE GB POUND A MONTH)

9)Memorising Quran (maybe a line a day for some, for others maybe a page!)

10)Dhikr of Allah

All of these are small things we can do. A reminder to myself first and foremost :)